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Saturday, April 23rd 2005

8:36 AM

Is the split my fault?

I left off in the last post about how I'd been snookered onto the Board Selection Committee...and how that had led to a split decision.  Now, I don't think the split is my fault, but my husband says it looks like I'm at the center of it...you decide.

I headed into the meeting with dread because I didn't have any suggestions of who to select because I didn't know anyone, didn't know if they were reliable, didn't even know if they had time to put into the 'job' or anything.  I felt clueless (not entirely a new feeling), but decided to fake confidence. 

I arrived a few minutes early and was greeted by one of the ladies I was meeting with.  She promptly asked me how I'd done with my list of candidates to which I replied I didn't have a list.  I explained that the one person I knew and tried to contact appeared to be out of town, but because I didn't know anyone else, I couldn't really make a list.  Then she shared how she knew everyone, but didn't have much success either.  No one wanted to do anything.  Phew...I was off the hook.

The other lady arrived and we got down to business.  She had a couple of names, but alas...she couldn't get anyone to commit (seeing a theme here?).  We talked about who would be good for what position and I actually sounded reasonably intelligent. 

One of the ladies mentioned how someone really wanted to see a local group that was affiliated with the state organization, OCEAN, which is Christian based.  People wanted support that allowed for prayer and encouragement based on our faith.  The other lady said she'd do the newsletter if the group was formed.  I piped up and said I thought the group would be an awesome idea and I'd definitely help.  In my eagerness, I mentioned how I could help, mentioned how the application and information was online at OCEAN's website, etc. 

Basically, my knowledge of what needed to be done worked itself right into....drum roll...I'm now going to help set up the group.  Apparently, I smacked of leadership and landed the role.  I'm still a bit confused on how I got tagged as a leader.  One of the ladies and I will meet soon and begin the process.

The other group has already been informed that a split is coming and seem fine.  I told my hubby about it and explained how I'd be a part of both groups for a while.  Then he in his ever so quiet way said, "You might not be welcome.  They'll blame you."


Apparently, my hubby thinks that it will look like my doing as I basically moved back into town, jumped into the board stuff and now the group is splitting.  In my defense, I mentioned that I didn't jump into the board stuff...I felt pushed.  He said it doesn't matter...it's the perception.

I guess time will tell.
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Posted by Audra Silva:

I think you're right Claire. I know the two groups will open the door to families who didn't want to be in a mixed group and more people will find support that way. :)
Sunday, April 24th 2005 @ 6:14 PM

Posted by Claire Andrews:

Others might have that perception, but maybe it isn't a bad thing, if the two groups each function better than the previous group did.
Sunday, April 24th 2005 @ 2:56 AM

Posted by Audra Silva:

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 @ 7:16 PM

Posted by Gina:

Well! All the more reason FOR a split- so that each can do as they please faith wise. Sounds like a good move. The non-Christians will be glad to be rid of the "do-gooders". haha
Saturday, April 23rd 2005 @ 6:41 PM

Posted by Audra Silva:

Beliefs have been a bit of a sticky situation for this group for years. No one's leaving because they are mad...we think there is enough people that we can have both a faith based group and the other group. :) Some of the people in the main group might not like the split. I'm not worried about it though...I plan on being in both for a while. :)
Saturday, April 23rd 2005 @ 5:49 PM

Posted by Gina:

Hi, Audra!
Well, I'm going to say that, based on what I'm reading, I don't really see HOW anyone could blame YOU for the split!! That seems absurd. And why is there a split anyway?? Because people are mad- or because the group is getting pretty large, and they are ready to start breaking off into smaller groups?? I guess I am a little confused about the whole situation. And THEY asked YOU (or should I say, BEGGED you???) to join, so if they don't like your input, WELL THEN.... To me it seems like people were really leaning toward forming a group that is more faith-based, and you just supported it and offered to assist. What could ever be ascertained as evil from that?!?! Why would anyone need to "blame" you?? Who's angry about this??
I say don't worry about it. o:)
Saturday, April 23rd 2005 @ 3:59 PM

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