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Friday, April 22nd 2005

7:54 PM

My Life Exploded...

  • Feeling... sleepy
  • Pondering... Why I don't ask God what he wants me to do before I jump in.
  • Days without sugar... Haven't touched it since February 4th!!!!!!!!!
I used to have a very tranquil schedule.  I was home almost every day and only had one commitment - Thursday night home group.  And now?

Now my schedule is so full, I can hardly fit everything in some of the calendar squares in my planner and they are BIG SQUARES! 

My son started speech therapy and is doing wonderful with it so far.  We go twice a week and then we work at home.  There are some simularities between what they do and how I teach reading which is nice.  We also signed him up for Wiffleball (a new thing for our family) and that starts in a couple of weeks.

We also joined the homeschool group here and wow have we been busy with it.  Yikes.  There are field trips, classes, gym time, presentation night, board meetings...BUSY!

I got snookered into being on the board selection committee...it went something like this:

It's our first time at gym time or anything for that matter with the homeschool group.  I'm standing by myself across the gym when a lady walks up and says, "Since you haven't done anything this year, would you mind being on the board selection committee?"

(I'm thinking...hello...just joined...OF COURSE I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING YET!)

I say, "Ummm...I don't really know anyone so I'm not sure how I could choose people for the board."

She says, "That's okay.  We like to have someone new to the group, someone who's been with the group for a while and someone currently serving on the board.  Would you mind helping out?"

(I'm thinking...how can anyone nominate people they don't know?  What if I choose someone who is completely irresponsible?  Having a total newbie on the board selection committee has got to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard.  Not to mention I totally see the motivation and...well...yes...I'm feeling the arm twising.)

I say, "What's involved because I don't have a lot of free time with five kids I'm trying to home school."

(I'm thinking...hint hint hint...)

She says, "You would meet once with the other two to discuss candidates and it's up to you if you go to the board meeting to present the list.  Can I put you down?" 

Her pen hovers anxiously over her clipboard.

(I'm thinking...this will give me an excuse to attend the board meeting which I wanted to do, plus I fulfill my 'duty' to the group, plus it really is a low time commitment and I'm sure I can wing it.)

Dramatic Pause as I make her await my decision.

I say, "Sure, I'll do it."

She's relieved and I'm left thinking this is such a dumb idea and I need a backbone.  Diamonds are not a girls best friend...the word no is!

I'll tell you how it turned out in the next entry...it was a split decision...hmmmmm
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