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Monday, March 15th 2004

4:56 PM

I am a blonde...

see me blooper!  Today has been a day of bloopers. I wrote a humorous essay and decided to request a critique from my writing group. So I send in an email requesting a quick read through as the deadline was today. I go to look over the guidelines for the market I am submitting to, and see a deadline date of May 15th. HUH?  So I send in another email explaining that I had more time although still want to submit it this week and how I was so sure the date was today and have no idea how I missed that one.

As I thought about it, I couldn't get away from the fact that I knew it was today. I even wrote it on my calendar. I went hunting for the guidelines I printed out and sure enough, it said deadline March 15th. Here comes my third email to the group in which I tell them I had been right but they had changed the deadline and how I knew I wasn't going completely insane.

Feeling much better, I check my email and realize my first email to the group had been rejected because I forgot we aren't supposed to send the actual work needing critiqued, just the email requesting a critique offlist. DUH! However, the next two had gone through and people were probably wondering what the heck I was blabbering about. Yes, I sent a fourth email explaining the whole thing and re-requesting a read through the proper way.

Guess what the essay was about? Something dumb I had done. Ironic.

Anyway, today has been great. Jake is all better and we did a fair amount of school. I read some of the text for my college class, edited my infamous essay, and wrote some writing ideas down. I responded to emails, some important, some not. Read a portion of a writing related book. I am happy with today.

And it didn't take another week to blog! I know my many fans (shhh...let me dream) will be thrilled.

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Posted by Erika:

Posted by Cheryl:

Look forward to reading your essay! Keep me posted on what happens with it.
Wednesday, March 24th 2004 @ 1:18 AM

Posted by Peggy:

LOL about the bloopers!
I am glad Jakey is feeling better! and that you all had a great day!
Tuesday, March 16th 2004 @ 7:29 AM

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